Has Hansen nabbed his last predator?

It looks like fans of To Catch a Predator (aka The Chris Hansen Sweet Tea ‘n’ Tasers Revue) might have to stick to watching reruns on MSNBC, thanks in part to the recent settlement of a $105-million dollar lawsuit brought against NBC Universal by the sister of man who committed suicide (off camera) during the filming of a segment in November 2006.

While no official announcement concerning the show’s future has been made, if I were a betting man I’d say the ride’s over.  Between the lawsuit, the loss of ad revenue, and increasing scrutiny over the show’s methods, it doesn’t seem like NBC will feel it’s worth the ratings boost anymore.


I’m on record as being a fan of the show, but even I have to admit that the details of the Louis Conradt case are disturbing to say the least.  The linked Esquire article provides a much more in-depth (although seemingly a bit biased too) look at the aforementioned suicide.  It’s a long slog but a fascinating read.  I suppose it was inevitable that as Hansen (aided by the Perverted Justice team) tasted success his crew would be tempted to cross the very fine line between investigative journalism and crass, exploitative entertainment that they were smudging anyway.

But hey, even if Predator is done I can sleep safely knowing my iPod is safe.

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