Here’s some stuff I enjoyed this week

Here’s a fresh batch of some quality interweb finds I’ve come across over the last 7 days:

  • Dana Carvey + Linkin Park = Satan shooting explosive diarrhea in your face! (You Just Made My List!)
  • A look at the worst men in sports.  No Al Davis, strangely enough.  (Deadspin)
  • Even if you don’t know what https is, change this Facebook setting now. (Gawker)
  • “The arrow of time”, a year-by-year history of the unhappiest family ever.  (Zone Zero)
  • Remember zany, watermelon-smashing comic Gallagher?  Now he’s paranoid, bitter, homophobic, right-wing nutjob, watermelon-smashing ranter Gallagher. (The Stranger)
  • This is where TLC is heading, and you know it. (Urlesque)
  • A graphic overview tracing the evolution of the Hipster (Gawker)
  • Matthew Baldwin (Defective Yeti) is rating all the items in his office’s vending machine. (Vending Spree)
  • Want to see a 100-year-old death threat mailed to a pitcher? (Bugs and Cranks)
  • And now you know why IT support jobs get outsourced. (Passive-Aggressive Notes)
  • Very cool one-man band cover of the Ren & Stimpy theme song (Laughing Squid)
  • The greatest wedding invitation in the history of ever. (Brent Engstrom’s Blog)

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