Here’s some stuff I enjoyed this week

Here’s a fresh batch of some quality interweb finds I’ve come across over the last 7 days:

  • Cool bootleg of the week: Chicago at Nassau Coliseum (Uniondale, NY), May 20, 1977. There are two interesting things concerning this show. It was less than a year before Terry Kath‘s accidental suicide and the band is introduced by an up-and-coming reporter named… Geraldo Rivera! (T.U.B.E.)
  • Yoga for Black People (YouTube)
  • Awesomely bad stock photos/graphics of people literally surfing the web. (The Hairpin)
  • Another blistering attack upon so-called NFL writer and hypocrite Peter King. (Deadspin)
  • Whatcha thinkin’ bout? (Know Your Meme)
  • Five Hollywood Secrets that explain why so many movies suck, none of which mention Kate Hudson oddly enough. (Cracked)
  • Five seconds of every #1 song ever (Buzzfeed)
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