Here’s some stuff I enjoyed this week

Here’s a fresh batch of some quality interweb finds I’ve come across over the last 7 days:

  • Very cool Super 8 footage of Elton John performing at Madison Square Garden, Thanksgiving 1974. Special guest appearance by John Lennon! (YouTube)
  • Are you getting tired of Charlie Sheen too? Well read this great op-ed about his troubling history with women, anyway. (New York Times)
  • For no particular reason, let’s look at a state-by-state breakdown of U.S. passport ownership. (Grey’s Blog)
  • Ever wonder how long many different kinds of animals live? Wonder no more. (Clusterflock)
  • For vinyl nerds like myself, this is cool. A random stacking of stereo label logos. (Stereo Stack)
  • One of these days I’ll have a use for that stack of Susan B. Anthony dollar coins. (Consumerist)
  • Today is National Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day.  I’ve already done it, have you? (The Village Voice)
  • Drew Magary brings up something I hadn’t thought of: Where is the outrage from Two and a Half Men fans? (Deadspin)
  • I will get around to the next installment in my R.E.M. series, but until then read about this theoretical Best Of disc. (The Second Disc)
  • 11 Reasons Why Quidditch Kinda Sucks (11 Points)
  • 10 sitcoms that lost their lead actors and kept going; and it ain’t pretty. (Splitsider)
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