Here’s your trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger

Some day I’ll get past my irritation over the fact that Marvel’s next movie labels Captain America as “The First Avenger,” even though any self-respecting comic book geek knows that Cap didn’t join the Avengers until issue #4. But today is not that day. Still, the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger looks pretty damn cool.

See? That is pretty damn cool. It makes sense to me that this film takes place during World War II, as Captain America in modern times was always an uncomfortable character to watch. Much like Superman, he was born during a period in our history when the lines of morality were much clearer. My memories of ol’ Cap as the leader of the Avengers were mostly feelings of annoyance over how he held the team back from really kicking ass.

Of course, even that was more pleasant than the dismal 1990 Captain America movie, featuring Cap’s arch-nemesis, Red Skull, as a swarthy Italian super-villain. It’s gonna be hard for Hugo Weaving to top that.

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