Honda’s Presidents Day Commercial Is My New Jam

Honda Presidents Day car commercial - Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

Honda Presidents Day car commercial - Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

Up until recently, every Presidents Day sale commercial I had seen was either stupid, disrespectful or both. And then I caught this Executive Office Slow Jam from Honda.

Oh yes, that is glorious. And inspired.

“Who’s your founding father?”

“Talkin’ ’bout the red, white, and bluetooth.”

I need to watch this again. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have never seemed so damn soulful.

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24 thoughts on “Honda’s Presidents Day Commercial Is My New Jam

  1. Celtic34

    When I first saw the Lincoln/Washington commercial I had to call my wife and I have to honest she did not find it as entertaining as I did. It has to be one of the most entertaining commercials I have seen in a long time. “I want to four score a deal for you” are lyrics I cannot get out of my head and sing often. Lets take it for what is “a commercial” and appreciate the ad agencies creativity.” I see you Abe” and I will view this commercial over and over again!

  2. Greg

    I don’t like this commercial, it is disrespectful, 2 great presidents pushing import cars, they must be rolling over in their graves, i’ll never buy a honda after seeing this

  3. Dee

    The very first time I saw this commercial, I didn’t know whether to laugh or get angry. I said to my husband, how dare they immitate the singing style of blacks – Abe with the sultry, Barry White way of singing and George, wth the swagger and tune. My husband and I looked at each other then we burst out laughting.! It was ingenious, unique, hilarious. I thought the commercial cute! It is probably the best car commercial I have ever seen. It is definitely one to attract the attention of a broader, younger audience. Have to find humor in some things and this was definitely funny!

  4. Jackie S

    This commercial is insipid and disrespectful. The Japanese car company behind it should be ashamed of themselves for acquiescing to a sleazeball ad that mocks the 2 greatest presidents the United States has ever had. It’s disgusting. Corporations don’t give a rat’s patootie about the USA, and that apparently goes triple for Japanese car companies. I want Ford or GM to put an ad on the air – in Japan – that shows Emperor Hirohito dancing to a tune that’s trying to sell American cars to the Japanese public. Where is that ad? What American will have the NERVE to give back to them what they do to us?

    1. marjorie

      I agree, this is one disrespectful ad campain. I guess they are running out of educated ideas to sell these cars. Desperate times !!!

  5. mona

    I Love this Commercial!

  6. Jack Murphy

    Hopefully, this despicable commercial from RPA is the “swan song” for the agency now under review because Honda is looking for better material. Since when is it hip to hold American icons in such contempt?

  7. Gregg


  8. Gregg

    It’s just a parody, relax people. First I thought it was funny, then thought it is disrespectful to OUR FOUNDING FATHERS but now after seeing some of ur posts I’m thinkin rock our Heritage it’s Wash-Linc! If they were all alive today who would you buy a car from George&Abe or Martin Luther King?



  10. Annette

    It’s a annoying commercial. Hate it

  11. franco

    I think the original song was “knocking the boots” by h-town…

  12. Military Spouse

    As an American, I think is disrespectful of our Founding Fathers.

  13. juanita

    Who is the artist and what is the original name of the song

  14. Dreamhomemaker

    Love! Love! Love it!

  15. Marge

    This commercial is stupid, and is very annoying!

  16. Oogie

    I find this commercial offensive because Lincoln was assassinated. How would people feel (for example) if Honda ran an ad around Martin Luther King day with someone playing Dr. King and rapping? That’s just an opinion.

  17. Sonya

    Lol, Love this commercial.

  18. Brittany

    I actually found this comercial offensive.

  19. Desiree

    Haha! This was amazing! I love this commercial. I’ve been looking for it for a week now and finally found it here! Thank you!! :)

  20. Karen

    It’s very Andy Samberg from SNL…I totally could have seen him writing something like this.

  21. Andrea Wesley

    I love the commetcial although it was short kudos

  22. Ted

    There’s one that’s being played in San Francisco that has Abe and George at the gas station talking about their cars. But they sound like 30 year old guys. It’s not as inspired as this slow jam, but it’s novel in its own way.

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