How are people getting here?

Here are the last 10 internet search terms people have used to find their way to my humble little corner of the world:

  1. “infomercials Mike Levey Amazing Discoveries”
  2. “tagteam whoomp there it is torrents”
  3. “sightings of michael landon in california
  4. “Original Soundtrack i swear – all4one + Just Friends”
  5. Steve Hackett concert”
  6. “michael landon’s death”
  7. “That’s all I can stands”
  8. “tevin campbell i’m ready torrent”
  9. “Sid Davis” “Boys Beware”
  10. “80s arcade game”

So what have I learned from this? Well, people still seem to be interested in Michael Landon. And stealing music. Sorry, I can only help with one of those. So never let it be said that I don’t try to give the people what they want:
Michael Landon

Oh, and for the sake of full disclosure, this idea was “borrowed” from Progressive Boink (warning: contents not for children).