I heart LOAD”*”,8

You kids don’t know how good you have it now, what with your PlayStations and your Xboxes. Back in my day, you had type stuff to play games! I speak of course about the ol’ Commodore 64, one of the funnest computers ever. Oh sure, it did other things like home finances and such, but it basically became one of the early gaming systems. Well it seems the magic is back baby! A little outfit called Commodore Gaming is set to revive the classic moniker in conjunction with a new high-end gaming system.

Granted, it seems this new company has no relation to the one that brought us such timeless gaming masterpieces as Maniac Mansion, Skate or Die!, and the Epyx Games series. But for one brief second, this news transported me back to the glory days of BASIC, floppy disks, and pirated games featuring scrolling Rush lyrics. Ah, memories…

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