I Love You, Internet: DangerMouse fan art I would totally buy

Danger Mouse Movie Poster Art

I’m going to get around to posting a tribute to Danger Mouse, my favorite all-time cartoon, some day. Until then, DazTibbles from DeviantART has produced something almost as cool with some DM art for a conceptual movie poster.

Danger Mouse Movie Poster Art
He's the greatest secret agent in the world!

Love it! It’s weird seeing Danger Mouse, Penfold, and Baron Greenback looking so… realistic. Those Frog’s Head Flyers are totally badass, as is the Mark III. If any entertainment franchise is worthy of a relaunch it’s Danger Mouse, but you just know some Hollywood fart-sniffer would find a way to ruin it. So maybe it’s best left alone.

For a larger version of this picture as well as more excellent DM art — sadly, no Stiletto or Colonel K yet — head to DazTibbles’ page.

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  1. Max Power

    Do a google image search for Alvin & the Chipmunks and remind yourself that some things are best left as they were.

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