I’d Like to Thank All the Little People

It’s been a few years since I heard from a Who’s Who scammer, but it turns out today is my lucky day!  None other than Mr. J.M. Blakely (VP, Research Division) has extended the once-in-a-day opportunity to be part of Strathmore’s Who’s Who Registry & Global Network for Outstanding Professionals!

Strathmore Who's Who

Did you see that?  I’m an outstanding professional.  I need to add that to my business cards.  I mean if random pictures of a building, a pen, and some business guy cursing God aren’t enough to convince you of Strathmore’s legitimacy, I don’t know what will.

Here’s their little sales pitch, in case you’re interested:

Dear Gray Flannel Suit,

It is my pleasure to inform you that on January 24th, 2010 your information was reviewed and accepted for inclusion in the 2010 edition of our registry.

Strathmore’s Whos Who each year, recognizes and selects key executives, professionals and organizations in all disciplines and industries for outstanding business and professional achievements.

This recognition is shared by those who have reached a distinguished level of success in their chosen profession.

Please take a moment to complete the invitation by clicking on the link below. We ask that you complete it carefully, as it will be reviewed by our editorial department.

[link removed for obvious reasons]

** Please complete the online link by February 28th.

Strathmore’s Whos Who is pleased to inform you that there are no fees or dues to be included in the publication.

On behalf of the CEO and our esteemed staff, we wish you continued success.

J.M. Blakely
Vice President, Research Division

It took all of three seconds to confirm that this is, naturally, a rip job.  Basically they want me to part with hundreds of dollars to get my name listed in some crappy book that they’ll then probably charge me even more money to own.  Hell, why even bother with a free professional networking site like LinkedIn, right??

To read more about Who’s Who scams, go to your local library.  Or read this really detailed article.

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