In case you were wondering if money ever sleeps

In fact, it does not.  At least that’s what I can gather from this teaser trailer for the sequel to Wall Street, subtitled Money Never Sleeps.

Other things I can gather from the trailer:

  • Being in Federal Pound-Me-in-the-Ass prison for more than two decades does not slow the aging process.  Poor Michael Douglas.
  • For some inexplicable reason, Gordon Gekko brought that giant mobile phone to prison.  I can’t imagine the screenwriters threw that in there for a cheap laugh, right?
  • Casting must have taken place during a holiday, which is the only way I can figure Shia LaBeouf being picked as a co-lead.
  • Then again, no Daryl Hannah is a step in the right direction.

Money Never Sleeps was directed (but not written) by Oliver Stone, so expect an extremely subtle undercurrent of criticism levied against our nation’s vaunted banking industry.  That and smaller cell phones.