Interesting stuff I now know thanks to Wikipedia (Vol. 2)

  • The Japanese name for Japan, 日本, can be pronounced either Nihon or Nippon.
  • There are five entries thus far in the Walter the Farting Dog series of children’s books.
  • Thibaw Min was the last king of Burma (aka Myanmar). After the British completed their conquest of Burma in 1885, Thibaw and his family were exiled to India.
  • The Netherlands won two gold medals at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona – one in the Women’s 800m and one in Equestrian Jumping Team competition.
  • New York Airways became the first scheduled helicopter carrier in the United States and the first passenger helicopter carrier in the world when it commenced passenger operations on July 9, 1953. It offered scheduled service from atop the Pan Am Building in Midtown Manhattan (New York City) to other airports in the area.
  • The first modern bail bond system was started in 1898 by Pete McDonough and his brother Tom.
  • Charles Osborne (1894 – 1991) hiccuped continuously for 68 years. It has been estimated that during that span he hiccuped 430 million times; the average human hiccups 2,300 times during an average lifetime.
  • The only native African bear, the Atlas Bear, is believed to have become extinct in the 1870s.
  • Someone actually took the time to compile a list of fictional apes. Wow.
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