Is This the Least Safe Baby Car Seat Ever? (1969 Sears Catalog)

So I’m bopping along, looking through 40-year-old Sears catalogs, as I am wont to do, when something catches my eye. No, not hideous fashion or vintage toys, although I certainly find plenty of that. I’m talking about a something altogether different.

Tucked away on page 543 of the 1969 Fall/Winter catalog is an item that you might miss if you focused on the rather, um, interesting vintage baby car seats. See if you can find what I’m think of on this “Travel Time” page…

Sears 1969 Fall/Winter Catalog - Baby Car Seat Travel Platform

Did you see it? Nope, not the car seats. It’s item #6, listed as the “Steel Travel Platform,” and it is a lovely relic from the golden age of Mid-Century Baby Travel.

Sears 1969 Fall/Winter Catalog - Baby Car Seat Travel Platform

Now, I know what some of my older readers may be thinking — “We had that when I was a kid somehow I survived!” Well yeah, but people survived without seat belts too, it doesn’t mean not having them was a good thing.

Basically this platform is a sheet of steel with a foam pad that you plop a kid on for a nice drive to Grandma’s. No buckles, no straps, just junior on the open range in the back of a General Motors land boat. Awesome.

For a larger version of the catalog page and more goodness from the Fall/Winter ’69 catalog, go to this place.

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