It’s the Geoff Tate Queensrÿche Experience!

I haven’t posted much of anything about the ongoing soap opera in Queensrÿche land, mostly because it’s all too depressing for this long-time fan to contemplate. But for those not in the know, vocalist and band co-founder Geoff Tate was fired from Queensrÿche about a month ago. Queensrÿche then went out and got a new singer. I figured Tate would leave well enough alone and just go for a solo career. I was kind of excited about this prospect, actually.

But nope, turns out we now get to deal with two Queensrÿches. That’s right, Tate put together his own version of the group — this one featuring former Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, and Whitesnake bassist Rudy Sarzo, ex-Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer, and former Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover.

Maybe this band will be good, maybe not. But the first thing I thought of was all the different versions of the Beach Boys that Mike Love and/or Al Jardine trotted out before the recent reunion with Brian Wilson. And I just had to do my Photoshop thing. So here’s Geoff Tate and Friends in The Geoff Tate Queensrÿche Experience!

The Geoff Tate Queensrÿche Experience!

The Geoff Tate Queensrÿche Experience! (feat. John Stamos and Bruce Johnston)