Album Cover of the Week: Jonah Jones, I Dig Chicks

I Dig Chicks (Capitol Records ST/T 1193, 1959) is more properly billed to the Jonah Jones Quartet, but I’m not about to quibble. This cover is at once way too on the nose and supremely clever. I don’t have a photography or graphic design credit for the front cover, so if you know who is responsible for this beauty let me know.

Jonah Jones, I Dig Chicks album cover

As far as the personnel on the record, Jonah Jones gets vocal and trumpet credits but I haven’t been able to ID the other musicians.

Here is the album description from the back cover:

“For those who appreciate the finer things in life, gentleman Jonah Jones supplies words and music for an album filled with songs about man’s favorite hobby: Chicks!

The now famous Jonah Jones style is thoroughly in evidence throughout this album. As he sails through these tunes about the little ladies — bless ’em — he’s playing trumpet as if he invented the instrument. Replete with more vocals than any other set he’s created, this album proves that Jonah’s personality-filled singing makes him one of the world’s foremost authorities on songs of love. A whole brood of chicks shows up here, and they’re all held spellbound by the master’s muted trumpet and happy voice.

One of the best impressions of Jonah’s technique can be found in I Dig Chicks, the title song, created especially for this album. In it, Jonah looks forward with irresistible glee to a rosy future filled with Linda, Rosetta, Cecilia, Mandy, Louise and the likes. He sounds as if he could sing on forever, because he’s singing about chicks, the proper object of every man’s attentions. They’re especially nice, though, when they’re the object of the Jonah Jones Quartet.”

Track Listing:

A1 I Dig Chicks
A2 Mandy, Make Up Your Mind
A3 Marchetta
A4 Tangerine
A5 Cecilia
A6 Blue Lou
B1 Chlo-E
B2 Lillette
B3 Judy
B4 Louise
B5 Linda
B6 Rosetta