Thursday, July 16

Just one word about Don Imus

Look, there are plenty of legitimate reasons for firing Don Imus from his radio show.  He hasn’t said anything remotely funny or interesting since…well, ever.  He mumbles like a mental patient.  He’s out of touch, irrelevant, and just generally lame.  And his ratings suck, to boot.  I’m not interested in debating whether or not his so-called joke about the Rutgers women’s basketball team was offensive, racist, or both.  I’m sure to a lot of people it was.

The bottom line is that although CBS was perfectly within their rights to fire him, they did so not because of any sense of moral outrage.  So when any suit at CBS claims they were concerned about the impact Imus’s words had on society or race relations or blah blah blah, you better believe it’s so much bovine feces.  No, this firing happened simply because Don Imus became bad for business, thanks mostly to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two of the most shameless race-baiting opportunists ever.  Had they not raised holy hell over the last week or so, CBS would’ve been perfectly content to look the other way.  Well, at least we can rest easy in the knowledge that a crotchety and irrelevant radio jock was fired so that racial harmony could finally be attained.