KDOC’s New Year’s Eve Show Goes Wrong in the Funniest Way Possible

KDOC First Night New Year's Eve 2013 (Macy Gray)

Macy Gray, looking and sounding dignified as usual.

(Note 1/4/13: KDOC has compounded their excellent decision-making by getting the original video pulled. As long as people keep posting replacement copies I’ll keep sharing.)

We all know that live TV is a risky proposition these days, especially on New Year’s Eve. The hosts are amped up and the crowd — usually drunk — is at best wildly unpredictable. Why, not even a respected cable new outlet like CNN is immune from things getting out of hand a little bit (thanks Kathy Griffin).

So how is it that KDOC-TV out of Los Angeles could not predict that their live New Year’s Eve broadcast featuring Jamie Kennedy, Stu Stone, Macy Gray, and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony would go completely off the rails? It was supposed to be a First Night 2013 event, meaning no alcohol, but I challenge you to find one person involved in this train wreck who wasn’t three sheets to the wind. Watch this clip for six-plus minutes of bad production, profanity, general cluelessness on the part of the hosts and performers, and of course crowd members who even Maury Povich wouldn’t touch.

Keep in mind that everything in this video was broadcast live, and that Carl’s Jr. paid for it.

So let’s recap. Jamie Kennedy should never be allowed to produce or host a television show again, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony cares not for the FCC, Macy Gray probably hasn’t had a sober moment in about 12 years, getting rid of haters is a valid New Year’s resolution, and there is no better way to ring in 2013 than by fighting. You stay classy Los Angeles!