Saturday Serials: “Plunging Death” (King of the Rocket Men, Chap. 2)

The rocket-powered action returns, as we watch the second chapter of the 1949 Republic Pictures serial film King of the Rocket Men! When we left off in chapter 1, Jeff King (Tristram Coffin) assumed his mantle as the Rocket Man, thwarted a plan by Dr. Vulcan to steal a top-secret military missile, and punched a lot of people.

Chapter 2, “Plunging Death,” sees King trying to ferret out the rat in Science Associates — the man who is Dr. Vulcan. But soon a bigger danger arises, as photographer Glenda Thomas (Mae Clarke) is ambushed by Vulcan’s thugs, hoping to steal a negative she shot of Rocket Man. Thomas fights back but then flops around like a fish and loses the photo. She gives chase in her car, and soon Rocket Man is on the trail.

As the episode ends, Rocket Man and Glenda plunge over a cliff in the car, which explodes quite nicely. Will they make it? You’ll have to tune in for chapter 3 to find out!