Kodachrome Memories #4: Miami (OH) University Homecoming, 1953

This fantastic set of slides is reportedly from  Homecoming Weekend festivities for Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. As you would expect the marquee event of the celebration was a college football game. In this case it’s the Redskins against in-state rival Ohio Bobcats, locally known as the Battle of the Bricks.

The date on these slides is marked as 1954, but since the rivalry game that year was played in Athens I’m guessing this is actually 1953. That would put the date for this game as October 24, and is a game that ended in a 7-7 tie.

There are no actual photos of the game here, but plenty from what look like pregame and perhaps halftime festivities. Also included are shots of a parade probably held on the campus and a few shots of the campus itself. Miami alumni are prominently featured here and you can even see the team’s now-replaced Redskins mascot.

If ever any slides or photos I’ve shared here truly depict a bygone era of American life, this is it. Enjoy!