Listening Booth – Annuals, “Loxtep”

The first followup project to Annuals’ excellent 2008 album, Such Fun, was released today.  It’s a five-track EP entitled Sweet Sister, and it’s damn sweet indeed.  The first two thing I noticed are the new production flourishes (in the form of electronics) and a more subdued mood – at least for the first half.  This is a much more modern-sounding effort than the sun-drenched, retro Beach Boys-esque arrangements of Such Fun, particularly the strong title track.

“Holler and Howl” adds a bit of old-fashioned country tonk to the mix, although filtered through Annuals’ distinctive pop prism, while “Flesh and Blood” could easily pass itself off as a modern country radio track (albeit much more enjoyable).

Hmmm, I guess this is also a mini-review too.  Anyway, here’s the first track from Sweet Sister, “Loxtep”.  Get the song, then get the rest of the EP.

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