Listening Booth — Rush at Stadhalle, Offenbach, Germany (May 28, 1979)

Rush - Black Forest bootleg album coverI can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner, but it’s high time I posted a Rush show on this site for the first time. After all, they finally made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so it only seems right. And so inspired by my friends at Addicted to Vinyl sharing an excellent concert from the band’s first album tour, I’m sharing one of favorites.

This concert was recorded at the Stadhalle in Offenbach, West Germany on May 28, 1979 — the second-to-last date on the Hemispheres tour. It goes by several names, but the copy I have is called Black Forest. It’s a fantastic soundboard recording and the band is, as usual, on fire.

Of note is that the entire “Hemispheres” suite is played, as is all of  “2112.” Some of the transitions are rather abrupt, but otherwise this is an extremely enjoyable show. If you want to download the show and also want all the artwork, you can get it from the Digital Rush Experience.

As with all the other bootleg shows I post here, I’m providing these files in .mp3 format. I don’t even think I have the FLAC version of these files anyway.

Set list for Rush at the Stadhalle — May 28, 1979:

Disc 1
Anthem [powerpress url=” Anthem.mp3″]
A Passage to Bangkok [powerpress url=” A Passage to Bangkok.mp3″]
By-Tor and the Snow Dog [powerpress url=” By-Tor and The Snow Dog.mp3″]
Xanadu [powerpress url=” Xanadu.mp3″]
Something for Nothing [powerpress url=” Something for Nothing.mp3″]
The Trees [powerpress url=” The Trees.mp3″]
Cygnus X-1 [powerpress url=” Cygnus X-1.mp3″]
Hemispheres [powerpress url=” Hemispheres.mp3″]
Closer to the Heart [powerpress url=” Closer to the Heart.mp3″]

Disc 2
A Farewell to Kings [powerpress url=” A Farewell to Kings.mp3″]
La Villa Strangiato [powerpress  url=” La Villa Strangiato.mp3″]
2112 [powerpress url=” 2112.mp3″]
Working Man (surf version) [powerpress url=” Working Man (surf version).mp3″]
Bastille Day [powerpress url=” Bastille Day.mp3″]
In the Mood w/Neil Peart drum solo [powerpress url=” In the Mood.mp3″]

The band:

Geddy Lee — vocals, bass, synthesizer
Neil Peart — drums, percussion
Alex Lifeson — guitars