Listening booth — The Darkness, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us”

The Darkness, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us"

The thing about the Darkness is, it was hard to separate the sincerity of their music from the almost painfully ironic image they cultivated. Even so, Permission to Land was an excellent rock record. The follow-up LP, not so much.

After that, the Darkness went dark for several years. They’re back now, and their as-yet-untitled third album should drop some time this year. The first taste is “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us,” a rousing, electric slab of hard rock. Justin Hawkins still has a great set of pipes, which is the key to the whole thing. But the tune itself is pretty damn catchy and fun, which is really all this band is about.

Check out the video, and then download the song for free from the band’s website.