Listening Booth – The Flamingos, “I Only Have Eyes for You”

Since it was written 75 years ago “I Only Have Eyes for You” has been covered by a lot of acts.  But there is only one version that really matters, and it was released by the Flamingos in 1959.  Some words that come to mind with this are ‘beautiful’, ‘haunting’, and ‘classic’.

The tenor lead on the song is Nate Nelson, who joined the group in late 1954 and left in 1961 to form the Modern Flamingos.  He joined the Platters in 1964 and spent pretty much the rest of his career with them until he died of heart disease in 1984 at age 52.

(this is the best-sounding video I could find on YouTube – it’s admittedly not a lot to look at)