Listening Booth – The Flirtations, “Nothing But a Heartache”

For those not familiar with the genre known as Northern Soul, here’s as good a track as any to serve as an introduction.  It’s from the sadly overlooked Flirtations, a girl group that started as the Gypsies in 1962 before changing to the Flirtations in 1966.  In ’68 they released “Nothing But a Heartache“, which cracked the Top 40 in the U.S.  It really deserved better than that, as it’s one of the best songs from that year.

This was the biggest chart hit for the group, which in my mind is a legitimate rival for the Supremes (at least talent-wise).

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  1. judd6149

    Great turn-on here, thanks. I’m a huge northern soul fan. Cheers.

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