London’s 2012 Olympic logo is awesome

2012 London Summer Olympics logo
Blimey, that sucks!

And by awesome I mean craptacular. Seriously, did they even try? They’ve had two years to put this together, and it looks like something my six-year-old nephew could put together in Microsoft Paint with a blindfold on. Ooooh, it says 2012 if you look closely! OMG!!@@#! (Actually, it looks like Lisa Simpson giving something that rhymes with ‘snow job’.)

Seriously, I think London really dropped the ball on this one. What they needed to do was to create something more appealing and lasting — something that speaks to the rich heritage of Great Britain, as well as its many contributions to world culture. Since it’s not too late for them to change their minds, I’ve come up with a few ideas (with all respect to my readers from across the Pond, of course).

Alternate logo for 2012 London Summer Olympics (Sex Pistols)
Alternate logo for 2012 London Summer Olympics (beer wench)
Alternate logo for 2012 London Summer Olympics (Mr. Bean)

I just hope the royalty checks (or cheques, as they say over there) get sent to the right address.

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3 thoughts on “London’s 2012 Olympic logo is awesome

  1. mizerychik

    2112 would be better.

  2. Thom

    They could have paid me half of what they paid those guys and I would have stuck them with some pompous videos about how great my design was. I would have just admitted that it sucks – but that what they get for going cheap.

    Oh, I also wouldn’t have had a random dot in the middle of the logo to confuse the already electrified audience. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s supposed to say 20-12 or 201’2 or 2.012.

  3. mizerychik

    Jeff and I are fond of Never Mind the Bollocks… and Rowan Atkinson in a can.

    “When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life “
    -Tony Blair

    It’s 400,000 pounds worth of garbage that has inspired me to hate the English even more than I do right now. Fucking waste of time and money.

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