Macca is back-a.

Paul McCartney’s new video, “Dance Tonight”, made its debut on YouTube today. I checked it out, and it’s pretty good (it even has an appearance by Natalie Portman). Not stunning, but good. It’s the first single from his upcoming album, Memory Almost Full, which comes out in a few weeks. And for those who aren’t up on his rather large body of solo work (which is unjustly criticized), that’s all been made available for legal download on Rhapsody.

The thing that gets me about Macca is that even at age 64, he seems to still have the ability to conjure up great melodies with seemingly little effort. And after a period of not-so-great albums starting in the mid-’80s, he began a revitalization of sorts with 1997’s Flaming Pie. That creative rebirth was evident on his last record, the excellent Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. Memory Almost Full has already gotten some positive buzz behind it, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

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