Monday cheeriness

Starting today, you all have my permission to kick the shins of the following people:

  • Drivers at the front of the line who dawdle when the light turns green, then attempt to overcompensate by speeding.
  • Anyone who does a slow clap after hearing an amusing/entertaining anecdote in public, as if to signal everyone around them that they just missed out on a super awesome story.
  • People who feel compelled to post some variant of “First!” to start a message board comment thread.
  • Fast food workers who can’t grasp the idea that “no onions” does not really mean “as many onions as possible.”
  • Geniuses at the grocery store who bring 20+ items to the express self-checkout areas and justify it by saying that 10 identical cans of beans really are one item.

2 thoughts on “Monday cheeriness

  1. MC

    Oh, that last one about express checkout…. that one gets me every time.

    I have 3 items, you have a full cart… GO TO THE REGULAR F’N CHECKOUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY

  2. Thom

    I wish the guy this morning tried overcompensating. Instead he continued to drive slowly and swerve all over the road as he unwrapped something and made a phone call while pretending to drive.

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