More mysteries of the universe

  • Would it unconstitutional to introduce capital punishment for anyone who posts a variation of “First!” to start a comment thread?
  • How about for people who use the words “preggo” or “preggers”?
  • Is there a bigger oxymoron than Ticketmaster’s “convenience charge”? For whom is it convenient to spend 8-10 bucks to get a piece of paper printed?
  • Why is it that most reality shows are more obviously scripted than non-reality shows? As far as I can remember, the only true “reality” show I have ever seen is COPS.
  • How did drivers ever find their way around before the advent of portable GPS devices?
  • What did people say instead of “drinking the Kool-Aid” before Jonestown?
  • WTF is wrong with Carrot Top? At what point does a human being look at himself in the mirror and decide this is a good look?

Carrot Top is scary

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