Mysteries of the universe

OBX bumper sticker

You are so friggin' cool I can't stand it.

*Why do ads for workout equipment always feature people who obviously don’t need the equipment in the first place? I’d gladly buy the first workout machine that showed a realistic ad – a clumsy, sweaty fat guy struggling on Level 1, and eventually giving up altogether.

*Am I the only person left who has not been to the Outer Banks, North Carolina? It would seem so, based on the fact that every other car in the free world has one of those stupid OBX stickers on it.

*Wouldn’t it be easier at this point to list the comedians that Carlos Mencia hasn’t stolen material from?

*Do car companies intentionally design hybrids to look like weenie-mobiles so people won’t buy them, thereby giving them an excuse to produce more ridiculously oversized SUVs?

*Why do people insist on writing “Super Bowl” as one word? No one’s ever heard of the Rosebowl or the CrappyWebsite.combowl, have they?

*What kind of horrible life decisions do you have to make to end up with a career as the guy at construction sites whose only job is spinning the Stop/Slow sign?

*Given how much more money the guy whose only job is spinning the Stop/Slow sign makes than I do, how do I get his gig?

*As amusing as some bumper stickers bashing George W. Bush may be, how stupid are those car owners going to feel when he’s finally out of office, and they’ve basically defaced their own car?

*Why did 3D movies never sustain their popularity?

*Is there a lazier (or better) way to pump out new blog content than to post a list of stupid, random questions?

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