Cool Stuff: Name That Tune Control Box from NBC

Name That Tune Control Box - NBC

Here’s a really cool piece of vintage TV technology I came across. It’s the control box from the NBC game show Name That Tune, which aired on the network from 1952-1954, 1974-75, and 1977. The auction for this box claims it’s from the ’50s version of the show, which I suppose is possible, except for one thing that contradicts that. See if you can guess what it is.

Name That Tune Control Box - NBC

This certainly looks simple enough to be from the 1950s, but a few things make me think it’s from the ’70s. The first is the faux wood grain DYMO label tape, which I don’t think was around in the ’50s.

But mostly, that NBC logo on the “Made by NBC Electric Shop” label looks newer. Unless this was used internally for a few decades before the public saw it, it’s most definitely from the ’70s. In fact, that trapezoid N rolled out officially on January 1, 1976.

Either way, this is way cool.

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  1. MAx Power

    I’ve been watching a bunch of vintage game shows on GSN lately, and it’s interesting that I can identify the original network by the sounds used on the show. Press Your Luck appeared on CBS and has buzzer sounds and scoreboards recognizable from The Price is Right.

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