Here’s the New Cleveland Browns Logo, Let’s Look At It

Forget the NFL Combine and pre-draft hype, or even the “who will move to Los Angeles?” rumor mill — the juiciest piece of NFL news this month is the unveiling of the new Cleveland Browns logo.

The visual identity of the Browns really hasn’t changed in a substantial way since the team’s inception (in the AAFC) in 1946. Sure, they’ve dabbled with different mascots and even rolled out a few alternate logos in 2003, but by and large the Browns have always been the Browns. An orange-ish helmet with no logo is as much an NFL trademark as is the Raiders’ iconic pirate or the Cowboys’ star.

(As a subtle reminder, you can check out my rankings of all NFL logos on my Sports Lists page.)

So now the big day is finally here, and here is what the Browns have ushered in for their new logo (from a website screenshot).

New 2015 Cleveland Browns logo


New 2015 Cleveland Browns logo

I gotta say, guys, I’m underwhelmed. They basically slapped a brown facemask on their regular helmet, and changed the top stripes a bit. And the less said about that 25th anniversary Dawg Pound logo the better.

The verdict: It’s neither bad nor good, but certainly not worth all the hype. Yawn.