Notre Dame Fans Need Help Getting Drunk

Syfy channel Alien Tornado GetGlue stickerJust when I think I’ve seen all the weirdest search terms people have entered in finding this site, there are always more every day. Here are some of my favorite recent ones, along with the posts those search phrases found.

  • “Where can I buy Cella wine in South Bend Indiana?” — I wouldn’t have the first clue, but you can check out this vintage Cella Winery commercial from 1982 in the meantime.
  • “josh radnor douche” — Maybe he is, not that I’ve met the man. Remember kids, when you watch a TV show you’re usually watching a character, not a real person.
  • “Alien tornádó” — I have no idea how that term brought someone to my post of old car ads. Apparently there is a Syfy Channel movie called Alien Tornado that looks predictably horrible.
  • “phife dawg net worth” — While I’m much more educated concerning A Tribe Called Quest than I used to be, I haven’t the first idea how much Phife Dawg (aka Malik Taylore)  is worth. Nor why anyone else would care.
  • “is one of the original kiss members dead” — That would be a “no,” unless you count Gene Simmons’s integrity. But as of today Gene, Ace, Paul, and Peter are still here.