Now THIS is a Disney commercial I’d love to see

Far be it from me to question another parent, but I think I’d unload this little surprise on my kids before driving hundreds of miles to an amusement park.  Even Clark Griswold had that much good sense.

I can’t decide which reaction is more precious – the little boy with the overgrown fauxhawk sulking or the mute indifference of hooded teen.

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2 thoughts on “Now THIS is a Disney commercial I’d love to see

  1. Shadikoon

    The Disney video is fake. First, nobody is going to launch a surprise cross-country trip without some inkling of whether their kids like Disney. Second, think about the kind of parent who lets their kid have hair like that: a mom who spoils her kid in an effort to be ‘cool’ and a friend. The exact sort of attention craving whore who would stage this with her kids to make then ‘youtube celebrities.’ The deadpan teen gives it away too – not even an eye-rolling, smirk, or mild show of embarrassment like a real kid would show. It’s an act.

    1. grayflannelsuit

      I suppose it’s possible that it’s staged. But even if it is, it’s still pretty funny.

      That said, I don’t put it past any parent to do something selfish like drag their kids across the country like this. I’ve seen parents pull some pretty amazing (read: awful) crap in my day.

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