Oklahoma City Joins the WNBA

Congratulations Oklahoma City!  Your new NBA franchise, the Thunder (née Seattle SuperSonics), is now the proud owner of one of the crappiest and most unimaginative logos in professional sports.

Oklahoma City Thunder logo

Oh.  My.  God.  If that logo doesn’t scream “banged out by a student at a local community college’s graphic design program” I don’t know what does.  Reading the press release announcing the franchise’s new name and logo/colors is laughable.  Here’s my favorite part:

With a nickname denoting energy and power, a classic-look logo, and the colors of an Oklahoma sunset, Oklahoma City’s NBA team unveiled its identity today.

A classic-look logo?  If by ‘classic’ you mean ‘some time in the last five years’ then sure, it is I guess.  And if the team name is Thunder, why would you want the colors of an Oklahoma sunset?  Wouldn’t the presence of a pretty sunset typically indicate a lack of thunder?

And I just can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen other logos like it before.  Hmmm… hey, I remember!

New York Liberty WNBA logo

So yeah, good job on your new WNBA logo, Oklahoma City.  If you ever change your mind, you can use this logo I designed for you:

Oklahoma City Thunder logo alternate - Thundercats!

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