For No Particular Reason, Here’s a Bunch of Old Sears Catalog Covers

There are already a bunch of sites out there hosting and/or gently mocking vintage Sears catalogs, so do we really need another? Yes, yes we do. The thing is, I had forgotten just how huge some of those catalogs were. The yearly Wish Books — aka Christmas toys — were pretty big themselves, but the seasonal catalogs were typically well in excess of 1,000 pages each.

That’s a ton of material to comb through, and to be honest I’m not quite sure what the angle is going to be. So while I put a game plan together to ensure that it’s worth your (and my) time, here’s a sampling of old Sears seasonal catalog covers from 1960 to 1983. After ’83 they got rather bland and generic, so I decided on that as the cutoff point.

(If you want to see all of them, the complete set is on Flickr.)

Sears Catalog Cover, Fall/Winter 1960

Sears Catalog Cover, Fall/Winter 1962

Sears Catalog Cover, Spring/Summer 1975

Sears Catalog Cover, Spring/Summer 1976

Sears Catalog Cover, Fall/Winter 1975

Sears Catalog Cover, Spring/Summer 1968

Sears Catalog Cover, Fall/Winter 1977

Sears Catalog Cover, Fall/Winter 1983

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