One bad cover and one puzzling trailer

A few items of interest were released in the last few days. First, the cover for the seventh and final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was released. I gotta say, while our friends across the pond usually have better covers for the Potter books, they really blew it on this one:

Contrast that with the much better American edition:

The American edition may be a bit sedate, but apparently the back and inside covers combine to form a pretty cool scene that involves Lord Voldemort. The British cover is a giant, goofy mess, by contrast. Although I guess pirate booty is somehow involved in the story if the illustration is indicative of the book’s plot.

Switching gears, the first teaser trailer for the third and final movie in the Bourne trilogy (The Bourne Ultimatum) was released the other day. It looks kind of promising, but most of it is just footage from the last movie. Kind of disappointing.

Oh well, in spite of this I’m pretty geeked for the book and the movie.  The missus already pre-ordered Deathly Hallows (one copy for each of us), and I will probably have to go on an Internet sabbatical so it’s not ruined for me.

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