Over 10,000 served!

While you’ve all been consumed with trivial stuff like the Democratic Pennsylvania primary, climbing gas prices, or the little imbroglio over the Beijing Olympics, a pretty major milestone occurred right here on this site. Earlier this morning GFS welcomed its 10,000th visitor since I made the move from my old blog in February 2007. Sure it doesn’t seem like all that much compared to really popular sites, but I’m continually amazed that anyone wants to read my drivel after all this time.

So I didn’t want to let the occasion pass without offering a hearty huzzah and thank-you to everyone who’s stopped by over the last 14 months, whether they visited once or visit often. My solemn pledge is to continue offering the same brand of mediocre humor and warmed-over insight that I am committed to bringing you on a somewhat regular basis.

And in case you’re curious, visitor #10,000 came to the site from Fribourg, Switzerland and landed here. Whoever you are, my Swiss friend, anytime you’re in my neck of the woods stop by and I’ll treat you to the Happy/Value Meal of your choice! Because I’m generous like that.