Patrick Warburton, Linchpin of the Universe

You know that feeling of total satisfaction you get when you find something great in life, and you didn’t even realize you were looking for it?  I got that very feeling late last year when I discovered The Venture Brothers.

I remember seeing ads for the show last year on Cartoon Network before its debut. I wasn’t really all that impressed by what I saw. Maybe I was just jaded because most of the original programming on Cartoon Network is garbage that barely passes as animation. So in case the marketing team behind the show reads this, it’s not necessarily your fault.

When I did happen to catch the show it was purely by accident. I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but it probably had something to do with me killing time on a Saturday night to avoid getting to sleep at a decent hour. Regardless, I was hooked from the beginning. Without regurgitating the premise of show, I’ll just say that it’s one of the funniest three shows on TV right now (next to Family Guy and Scrubs). So that means 66.7% of the greatest comedies on TV right now (75% if you want to include Seinfeld reruns) involve Patrick Warburton. Actually, I guess it’s not a leap to say that without Patrick Warburton TV comedy would be dead (Scrubs excepted). I’d be stuck watching infomercials for the Dean Martin Roasts if I wanted some laughs.

So anyway, after screwing with Venture Brothers fans for a while, Cartoon Network did finally announce last March that a second season of the show was approved. Good thing too – I really didn’t want to unleash the torrent of sternly worded emails I had stored in my Outlook Drafts folder. No corporation, no matter how evil and ignorant, deserves that. Although if McDonald’s doesn’t put an end already to the bile-inducing “I’m Lovin’ It” ad campaign I may change my mind.

I just hope that I don’t set my expectation so high that I end up being disappointed. As cynical as I can be about most things, I happily admit that I’ve converted to a total Venture Brothers fanboy. And with that comes the danger of being overly critical of any new episodes. But if nothing else, I will happily hand over a wad of cash when the VB Season 1 DVD comes out. And then pray at the Altar of Warburton.

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