Photo gallery: Cool 45 & 33 RPM Record Labels

One of the unsung casualties of the death of vinyl as a large-scale music delivery medium was not just the loss of liner notes and cool album art, but record label art. As you know by now, I appreciate a cool logo as much as the next person, and in the salad days of the record business there were some really cool ones.

Here is but a sampling.

Johnny Cash Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous - Sun Records
Sun Records
This Is Sue! - Island Records
Island Records
"Come On, Let's Go," Ritchie Valens - Del-Fi Records
Del-Fi Records
The Beatles, Abbey Road (Apple Records)
Apple Records
Kiss, Dressed to Kill (Casablanca Records)
Casablanca Records
Heart, "Crazy On You" (Mushroom Records)
Mushroom Records
"The Bump", Alvin Cash & The Crawlers - Mar-V-Lus Records
Mar-V-Lus Records
"Piano Shuffle", Dave "Baby' Cortez - Clock Records
Clock Records
"Quiet Village", George Wright - Orbit Records
Orbit Records
"Don't Waste Your Time", The Five Stairsteps - Windy C Records
Windy C Records

"Hey Senorita", The Penguins - Dooto/Dootone Records
Dooto/Dootone Records
"Looking Out My Window", Tom Jones - Parrot Records
Parrot Records
"Every Day", The Challengers - Tri-Phi Records
Tri-Phi Records
"The Sweetest Little Girl in Town", Sonny Williams - U.S.A. Records
U.S.A. Records
"Leader of the Pack", The Shangri-Las - Red Bird Records
Red Bird Records
"Heavenly Angel", The Flamingos - End Records
End Records


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