Please do not look away from…the nozzle.

Oh happy day! After what seems like years of waiting (1 year, 7 months, 17 days actually – but who’s counting?), The Venture Bros. will finally return to [adult swim] on June 1st! But as the last month-plus of waiting ticks slowly by, I can at least amuse myself with the recently released teaser trailer for season 3.

According to Jackson Publick himself, this trailer only draws from 3 1/2 episodes of the season, but man does it bode well for the whole shebang! It’s so good to see many of my old friends – Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend, Rusty Venture, the Alchemist, Master Billy Quizboy, Brock Samson, Hank Venture (no Dean though). And how awesome is that G.I. Joe tribute???

(If the embedded trailer above doesn’t respond, just follow the link in the first paragraph.)