Pop Culture Capsule: The Evolution of the Beatles

You’ve probably seen the neat infograph depicting the evolution of the Beatles, as told by their hair. If not, here it is:

History of The Beatles as told by their hair
(credit for this goes to DeviantArt user mozzarellapoppy)

But I thought it might be equally as neat to take a look at the growth of the Fab Four with actual photographs. So here we go!


The Beatles in Hamburg, Germany 1960

In Hamburg, Germany, 1960. The band had just dropped the name The Silver Beatles. (left to right: Pete Best, George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Stuart Sutcliffe)


The Beatles, Cavern Club 1961

Performing in the famous Cavern Club, 1961. Dig the leather! (left to right: Harrison, McCartney, Best, Lennon)


The Beatles, 1962

The classic lineup is now complete. Sorry Pete Best. (left to right: McCartney, Ringo Starr, Lennon, Harrison)


The Beatles, 1963, London, England

The band was so tight at point, they even read the newspaper together.


The Beatles with Ed Sullivan, 1964

Beatlemania is in full swing, as the group appears on The Ed Sullivan Show.


The Beatles, 1965, Shea Stadium, Queens, NY

The Fab Four play Shea Stadium before a crowd of more than 55,000, one of the seminal concerts in rock history.


The Beatles, 1966, Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California

The Beatles played their final commercial concert in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park on August 29…


The Beatles (1967)

…and emerged in 1967 as a very different band, musically and visually.


The Beatles, 1968 Yellow Submarine promo shot

A promo image for the animated film Yellow Submarine, released in July.


The Beatles, 1969

The year it all fell apart. Here’s an image from the very last Beatles photo session, taken on August 22, 1969, just two days after their last recording session together. This is from the grounds of John and Yoko Ono’s home in Tittenhurst Park.

The Beatles, 1969

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