Postcards from the Past #6: Expo ’74 International Ampitheatre

Here’s a postal gem from the 1974 World’s Fair, or more accurately Expo ’74, held in Spokane, Washington.

Expo '74 International Ampitheatre postcard

Looks like a rootin’ tootin’ good time at the International Ampitheatre. Here’s what the back tells us is going on:

Expo '74 International Ampitheatre postcard

BOEING’S INTERNATIONAL AMPITHEATRE, in a setting as natural as nature itself. With grassy, stepped terraces, the theatre features entertainment such as The Young Canadians.

“Celebrating tomorrow’s fresh new environment.” Glistening islands and riverbanks of the Spokane River, open spaces with colorful plazas, dancing fountains, gardens and greenery, and many worldwide pavilions and exhibits. All created to illustrate that Man can live, work and play in harmony with his environment.