Retrotisements: Mad Men Clients Edition

Mohawk Airlines, 1965 ad

One of the many brilliant things about Mad Men is how the show deftly mixes fictional characters and storylines with real-life events. This includes the many clients of the Sterling Cooper/Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce advertising firm. While some of the firm’s clients are fake, many are quite real (or at least were). Here are some vintage advertisements for actual Mad Men clients, from the approximate early ’60s period they appeared on the show.

Lucky Strike, 1961
Lucky Strike, 1961
Mohawk Airlines, 1965 - A real Mad Men client
Mohawk Airlines, 1965
Vintage Jaguar XKE ad, 1967
Jaguar XKE, 1967
Patio Cola ad, 1963
Patio Cola, 1963
Kodak Carousel ad, 1962
Kodak Carousel, 1962
Vintage Maytag ad, 1960
Maytag, 1960
Vintage Clearasil ad, 1963
Clearasil, 1963
Vintage Samsonite ad, 1966
Samsonite, 1966
Vintage North American Aviation ad, 1965
North American Aviation, 1965
Vintage John Deere ad, 1965
John Deere, 1965
Vintage Playtex ad, 1961
Playtex, 1961
Vintage London Fog ad, 1965
London Fog, 1965

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  1. Vlad

    Weird that Kevin Spacey would travel back in time just to be in a Samsonite ad…

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