Reality TV shows I will never get tired of watching

  • To Catch a Predator – I’ve talked about my love for this show before. Yes I know technically it’s not a show, rather a segment on Dateline NBC. But let’s be honest, it has become an entity unto itself. An unstoppable force, if you will. It’s just as awesome in reruns by the way.
  • Lockup – Just about any show detailing life in prison is a must-see for me. This one is particularly good. Each episode profiles a different prison, and has lots of interesting tidbits about life in that particular prison.
  • Cheaters – I don’t get to watch this show as much as I’d like to, but it is very awesome. The premise is simple but compelling – a jilted lover has the show spy on their significant other to catch them in the act of cheating. Then the jiltee confronts the jilter for our sadistic pleasure! Each episode has enough slapfights and hair pulling to satisfy the heartiest appetite.
  • Little People, Big World – I can’t be the only one fascinated with the daily lives of dwarfs, as this show has already aired for multiple seasons. And although people claim to watch it because it increases their awareness of those different from them, let’s be honest – no one would watch a show featuring average-sized, non-celebrity families driving their kids to soccer practice. People love to gawk at people different from them, plain and simple. I look forward to seeing how they handle the sticky problem of Matt Roloff‘s recent DUI arrest.
  • Inside American Jail – Sort of like Lockup, but this focuses on jails instead of prisons. It’s a new show, created by the same people who started the excellent COPS. It’s unscripted and shows all manner of society’s pillars as they are booked into jail. This show has introduced me to a law enforcement device that may even be cooler than the Taser – The Chair. No, not that kind of chair. This one is used to restrain the more unruly inmates. The best part is that a lot of the jails that use it are short on space, so when a perp is tied to it they get stuck in the supply closet. Good times, good times.
  • Buy Me – This is your typical show profiling someone attempting to sell their home, but with a few good twists. First, the seller(s) is almost always a total jerk or has some kind of major personality defect, so it’s fun to root against them. Secondly, the real estate agents they hire make Gil seem downright competent. So the sellers and agents usually spend the whole show sniping at each other, and most times we don’t even find out if the house was sold.
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