Retired NFL Jersey Numbers: AFC East

Since it’s the off-season  I thought I’d start a fun project involving NFL history. So I’m going to go division by division and post football card galleries (when available) featuring all NFL players who have had their jersey numbers retired by their teams. This week it’s the four squads of the AFC East — the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and New York Jets.

Buffalo Bills (1)

#12 — Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly 1990 Pro Set football card

Believe it or not, #12 is the only jersey number officially retired by the Bills. There are three other numbers that aren’t issued anymore — #32, #34, and #78 — but they have not been retired. It’s unlikely that OJ Simpson’s number ever will be at this point.

Miami Dolphins (3)

#12 — Bob Griese

Bob Griese 1968 Topps football card

#13 — Dan Marino

Dan Marino 1984 Topps football card

#39 — Larry Csonka

Larry Csonka 1970 Topps football card

New England Patriots (7)

#20 — Gino Cappelletti

Gino Cappelletti 1967 Topps football card

#40 — Mike Haynes

Mike Haynes 1977 Topps football card

#57 — Steve Nelson

Steve Nelson 1978 Topps football card

#73 — John Hannah

John Hannah 1974 Topps football card

#78 — Bruce Armstrong

Bruce Armstrong 1991 Pro Set football card

#79 — Jim Lee Hunt

Jim Lee Hunt 1970 Topps football card

#89 — Bob Dee

Bob Dee 1961 Fleer football card

New York Jets (5)

#12 — Joe Namath

Joe Namath 1968 Topps football card

#13 — Don Maynard

Don Maynard 1963 Fleer football card

#28 — Curtis Martin

Curtis Marin 2005 Upper Deck football card

#73 — Joe Klecko

Joe Klecko 1982 Topps football card

#90 — Dennis Byrd

Dennis Byrd 1990 Topps football card