Retro Football Cards — Adrian Peterson, Topps 1975

I had so much fun designing my retro Drew Brees card, I got started on my next one right away. So here’s Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian “All Day” Peterson. I used a 1975 Chuck Foreman Topps card as the template.

Adrian Peterson (RB, Minnesota Vikings) retro 1975 Topps football card

I used a headshot of Peterson as Topps still relied mainly on them in the mid-’70s. Astute fans will notice that the Vikings patch on the jersey chest is missing. I removed it to maintain consistency, as Topps did not have the right to use team logos throughout the 1970s. Logos returned starting with the 1982 set.

All Day failed to reach 1,000 for the first time in his pro career, but that’s only due to injures. He is poised to become the Vikings’ all-time leading rusher within the first game or two of the 2012 NFL season, surpassing Robert Smith’s 6,818 yards. Foreman is the team’s third all-time rusher with 5,887 yards from 1973-1979.