Retro Football Cards — Drew Brees, Topps 1969 Style

My American Football League Program project has had me in an even more retro mood than normal. And as I wind down the bulk of the work (programs and media guides through the 1966 season are up now), I’m already looking for a new project. And so I struck upon the idea of retro football cards. So what’s that mean, you ask?

Simply put these are actual football cards from yesteryear, modified to show modern players. I haven’t collected football cards for years, as it stopped being a fun hobby when I saw it turning into big business. But when I was into it, I amassed a pretty decent collection. I still have most of them, in fact, and treasure them more than any of the baseball cards I collected.

So this project is a way for me to reconnect with the joy of collecting, as well as a way to keep my Photoshop skills up — meager as they are. So my first retro card, for no particular reason, is New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. I used a 1969 Billy Kilmer Topps card as the template. I think it turned out OK for my first try.

Drew Brees 1969 Topps Retro Football Card

The only “new” elements are the picture of Brees, of course, and the text for his name.

I had a hard time finding a picture of Drew Brees striking some kind of football pose — but without his helmet — that looks more like the types of poses featured in cards of this period. Cards in the ’60s didn’t feature action shots as a rule.

I hope to do more of these, so if anyone reading this has a suggestion I’m open.

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