Retrotisement: Encyclopædia Britannica

Here’s a little history lesson for you young’uns.  Back before this internet thing, and way before Wikipedia, people like me used to look up stuff in these big things called encyclopedias.  They didn’t list every single episode of That’s So Raven or every Pokemon character, but they were generally useful nonetheless.

Encyclopcedia Britannica ad (1994)

Now I don’t recall ever getting that pumped over looking up where John Quincy Adams was born*, but I don’t doubt that many a young man did experience that feeling of euphoria.  And hey, you know Britannica was the bee’s knees because they had that funky æ character in the title.

This particular ad was published in 1994, just as the internet was poised to set new standards of speed in the research and plagiarizing of information.  So anyone lucky enough to have spent the coin needed to get this set at least got a few years out of them before they become obsolete.

*Braintree, Massachusetts