Retrotisement – Motorola Calypso turntable

Due to all these record covers I’ve been posting lately, I’ve got vinyl on the brain. A recent article I caught on CNN (which I’ll discuss more in depth this week) covered the mini-resurgence of vinyl as an actual music delivery format. Fancy that!

So let’s take a quick trip back to the days when the record was king, and ads like this one from 1957 – for the nifty Motorola Calypso turntable – were ubiquitous.

Motorola Calypso

It’s probably too small to see in its reduced size, but the record lying on the floor in the bottom right is simply titled “Pop Music.” Awesome. I’m guessing the kitchen this swingin’ party is being held in is stocked full of “Soda” and “Potato Chips.”

And I can’t help but feel bad for the girl in the blue vinyl shoes, who must be so homely that the only dancing partner she could find looks like he wears his party clothes for his job as a chimney sweep.

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