Retrotisement: Young People’s Day Camp

This will probably mean nothing to you if you didn’t grow up in the New York/New Jersey/Long Island/Connecticut area in the ’70s and ’80s. But for the rest of us, you probably saw this commercial no less than 5,000 times on stations like WPIX (now the CW), WNYW (now Fox), and WOR (I don’t even recall what this station is now).

One look at that talking balloon and you know what this is for — Young People’s Day Camp! I was as reclusive a kid as you’d ever meet, but even I thought this looked like a lot of fun. Of course it’s too late for me, but not for your kids. Young People’s Day Camp is in fact still around!

Anyone know where I can score some of this sweet YPDC swag?

Young People's Day Camp swag

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